Monday, September 19, 2011

God's truth changes us.
but sometimes, it takes time.
my faith is so small sometimes.
i had this concept in my mind that when you know truth it would just be like you woke up and you would be different. but the fact is that is not the case. our minds create alleyways as we grow in our beliefs. we walk down those alleyways to make them worn and tattered. and when we change our path we must walk it over and over again for it to be more convincing than our last.
it doesn't always feel normal for us to walk off the old path onto a new one. but that is why it is faith. that's why it's so hard for us sometimes.
it's a constant dripping and a continual walk. we go back to what may feel uncomfortable and unreal to us.
sometimes, things happen that make you want to question the new path. did god really say that? or did i just make that up? it easy for us to look back at the old way and think we are just confused and creating a ripple in our path. are we just confused? is this way really God's plan for me? our minds are powerful- they question the Lord's plan and his truth until we resolve it.
eventually, we replace our unbelief with real faith.
it makes since to me that faith would be accompanied by unbelief.
we doubt. but learn to let him lead, even if we can't see.
faith is a choice - to trust God and believe without knowing what the outcome will be. it may not be the safe or the easy way. not doing what everyone else does, going against the current.
or going with hopelessness when God says

there is HOPE.

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