Thursday, July 21, 2016

25 before 25: part two

1.leave the country.
2.own a record player.
3.throw a party.
4.give a toast at a wedding.
5.go on a date. cello.
7.go skinny dipping.
8.sponsor a child.
9.learn to cook.(well)
10.donate blood.
11.go to a drive-in movie. 25 miles.
13.israel. anthropoligie.
15.climb a mountain that's over 10,000ft.
16.go to the coin laundromat.
17.go sailing.
18.get my head shoved in a cake.
19.backpack around Europe.
20.own a wingback chair.
21.see the opera.
22.sell a piece of artwork.
23.learn to drive stick-shift.
24.speak french(well).
25.get married.


The honeymooners

honeymooning: road trip down the oregon/california coast.

his now

it seems like i had been waiting for july to come for forever.
11 months ago my best friend asked me to marry him, and now he's the love of my life. we tied the knot on a rainy day in the midst of a pretty meadow, and it was the best.

july has been full of some of the sweetest days.
i've experienced the best adventures, gained a second family, and became a wife. I've had the privilege of setting up my own little house, and an even greater privilege of making it home with somebody i am head over heels in love with. getting married is good for a lot of reasons.
i'm only 12 days old a wife, and marriage has already taught me too much to write a blog post on.  but i really really like that. i like that i'm out of my element and challenged every single day. i like that i get to wake up to the best looking guy i know, even when he has morning breath and the cutest bed head. it's the best thing knowing that i have someone to adventure with for the rest of my life. he's pretty amazing you guys, and cute, but i could be extremely biased.

that's all for now folks.