Sunday, January 8, 2012

my saturday: the one with the girl in a floral printed skirt, drinking peach-apricot tea, while writing letters to her future husband.

 it was a lovely sunday. honestly, i wasn't expecting it to be so lovely. it almost felt like winter was skipped right over and spring had arrived with the sun shining thus bright. i wore my floral skirt to church and finished 'Hosea' in the morning. i ate breakfast out of my homemade ceramics bowl miss bella gave to me during the holidays.
god has been teaching me an abundance of things lately. i am so thankful and in awe of it all. he's been showing me patience and the bigger picture. the one that's not always so easy to see. not to mention i'm falling head over heals for the book of Hosea. it's pretty romantic if you ask me.
i ended my day with letters to my husband and lists of what i wanted in my house. dreaming of copper kettles and big, sunlit kitchens.
i'm off to bed.

happy week.

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