Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i wish leviticus was as easy to read as the hunger games.

you can feel it when you step out the door. there's still a cold chill, but spring has arrived.

i braid my hair,
when the weathers nice.

(that was slightly romantic, i'm about to ruin the mood though.)

i spent my day reading. i don't read, i never read. it's so foreign to me. i just look at the pictures.
i picked up the 'mockingjay' from the library at 12:21pm today. i finished it at 6:58pm. hooked. i feel like such a dork. is there some sort of secret club i can be in? (note post title)
we are attempting three birthdays this week. maybe if i spent the majority of my time preparing for the over abundance of cake and gift wrapping instead of reading myself to death, i might be ready. but what's the fun in being birthday ready? midnight pinterest parties totally rock my world as of late.

happy mid-week.


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