Sunday, May 6, 2012


we all so often claim, "we need to live what we believe."
as Christians, we overlook our responsibilities. we find ourselves in spots where it's hard to lend a hand to those in need. we can no longer reach our arm out and put it around them.

you see, we live in a community where we hear the hate and disgust for one another displayed before our eyes everyday. there's distrust, gossip, anger towards each other neatly tucked away in an envelope of self-righteousness.
all about fat people. about gay people. about alcoholic people. about people that gossip. about people that smoke and use drugs. about people that act differently. about people that dress differently. and so on.
we see it every single day. whether it's from our own outlook or someone else's. i am just as much a culprit of doing so as anyone else. and i did these very judgments buried with the term 'christian' by my side. thinking that somehow, because i am a christian my judgments i make on others will be approved because they were done out of love. we have attitudes where we think it's okay to push our so called 'christian' name aside and replace it with our ugly picket signs.
i'm a christian, except when you're prettier than me.
i'm a christian, except when you are going to get the job i wanted.
i'm a christian, except when you cheated.
i'm a christian, except when you fall inlove with the person i fell inlove with.
i'm a christian, except when there's a homeless man on the side of the street.

but if you are dressed nice, and have a job. if you act the way i think you should act and believe what i believe, you meet my approval. and then, at that moment, i am a christian. you have somehow gained my acceptance. these kind of feelings drive us to the point where we no longer have a hand to lend or arm to wrap around those that are weak and in need. we no longer have the longing or want to help those we think 'below' what our standard of acceptance is.

but this very way of thinking,
needs to stop.
if we really want to make a change and live up to our so called 'christian' name, we need to reach out.
we need to be a christian, when she is prettier. we need to be a christian, when he got the job we had been praying for. we need to be a christian, when they've cheated and gotten away with it. and so on.
there are those we looked down upon and have made us feel hateful, but they are who we need to put our arm around and tell them 'you're alright.' forget about telling them they are dressed immodest or shouldn't believe what they believe, tell them you love them.

those three words will gain more impact on their life than any 'look' or 'glimpse' you could shoot their way. and after this, with our judgmental hearts set to rest, we can proudly live up to what we believe is true. just by loving.


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