Saturday, September 15, 2012

1 9 .

today is the day because i sat here all day in my underwear listening to "Blondie" on the record player. i figure i should tribute this day.

i turn nineteen tomorrow. it's a scary feeling. sort of like the one when you turn eighteen, but worse.
i learned a lot about myself this year:

like how to love wherever i am.
i learned to make life less about me and more about others.
to be okay with change when you made all the plans in the first place.
i learned that if i'm not content in Christ, i'm not content.
i learned to be better friends with my sisters&brother.
i learned that i prefer
fall over summer
big spoons over small ones
& saving money over spending it.
i learned how to plan a wedding and be creative with deadlines.
i learned that sometimes i can cry a dozen times in one week and that's okay.
i learned that dancing like a spaz is fine, no one knows how to dance unless you are an ethnicity other than white.

i learned that at eighteen, i really love this thing called life.

& so,
cheers to nineteen. 

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