Thursday, September 13, 2012

25 before 25

1.leave the country.
2.own a record player.
3.throw a party.
4.give a toast at a wedding.
5.go on a date. cello.
7.go skinny dipping.
8.sponsor a child.
9.learn to cook.(well)
10.donate blood.
11.go to a drive-in movie. 25 miles.
13.israel. anthropoligie.
15.climb a mountain that's over 10,000ft.
16.go to the coin laundromat.
17.go sailing.
18.get my head shoved in a cake.
19.backpack around Europe.
20.own a wingback chair.
21.see the opera.
22.sell a piece of artwork.
23.learn to drive stick-shift.
24.speak french(well).
25.get married.

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