Friday, November 16, 2012

novembre list of nonsense

since it's the 16th of november, i thought i would talk about sixteen things as of my lately. these are in no particular order. i hope you enjoy.

1. i can speak fluent french in my dreams. i wake up saying phrases and slowly forget it. zut, i wish i could take my final and a nap at the same time.
2. there are an abundance of striped skinny ties all over my room lately. i think half of my pay check goes to my future husband. they're just too good to leave behind. (this could be unhealthy.)
3. i've been listening to "sufjan stevens" more than anything this fall.
4. i've completed an entire journal.
5. one of my favourite feelings is when the holidays come around. i feel extremely blessed and ready for a break with school. oh please, four weeks go by fast.
6. i only wear my dad's nice wool socks now. (he doesn't know that yet.)
7. buying/looking for a car is an impossible task. it's like jeans shopping but worse.
8. mars hill articles are pretty much the only thing i read now.
9. i need to invest in more tights. i've been cursed with every single pair.
10. high buns are often applied in daily life for three reasons: one-cram sessions. two-photoshop editing. three-late school days. it's the norm guys.
11. i need to get film developed. i'm the best at putting it off.
12. i've gotten more complements on my handwriting than anything else this year.
13. i'm running out of places to put gifts. (and it's not even december yet.)
14. i buy too many dishes.
15. the book of joshua.
16. i have to invest in new mascara. gone gone gone.

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