Monday, December 31, 2012


1. i lived out of my suitcase this year more than i ever have before.
2. i found out i will gain the status of 'aunt' in the coming year.
3. i was in one wedding and went to plenty more.
4. i planned a project for RHO Missions.
5. i made new friends & kept old ones.
6. i grew in relationships with family, friends, and my savior.
7. i worked at summer camp and loved on some little girls for two weeks.
8. i spent a large chunk of my earnings on skinny ties for the future husband and dishes for me.
9. i made the bulk of my money from coloring and playing with 2-6 year olds.(who can complain about that?)
10. i was given a pair if hunter boots. (love at first sight)
11. i left 2012 behind with the status of 'single' and didn't mind one bit.
1. i will start a new box of letters for my husband-to-be.
2. i will make life less about me and more about others.
3. i will take action on the project i planned for RHO Missions.
4. i will "officially" gain the status of aunt with bay-bay coming in june.
5. i will fall more in love with Christ.
6. i will bake more, love more, and eat more.
7. i will be more diligent at the task of shaving my legs.
8. i will step out of my comfort zone more often than not.
9. i will probably not go to as many weddings as i did in 2012.
10. i will do more art & take more pictures.
11. i'm entering 2013 with the status of being 'single' and don't mind one bit.

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