Tuesday, January 21, 2014


// i miss the village.
the way it felt to stand in the middle of
the dirt road and play with all the
smiling faces.

// i miss long walks and good talks with
a pretty amazing woman.

// i miss walking outside my front
door and having church in the

// i miss colorful houses &
cobble stone streets.

// i miss orphans.

// i miss not understanding what
everyone is saying.

// i miss walking absolutely everywhere.

// i miss sitting out my windowsill
gazing at stars and praying for the
people back home.

// i miss spending my afternoons with
11 of the most lovely yet equally hardheaded
children in the world.

// i miss simple.

it grows a little more everyday.
i miss the feelings & smells & hands & faces
that will never leave. it comes out of nowhere.
driving home from work and all of the sudden,
the village is parading in your mind.
all of the sudden, you wish you could see what he's
like now, the little abandoned boy that was just
learning to walk when you left.
it's growing my heart too. maybe it hurts a little, but
it's still growing. 

they're there, they'll always be there, 
ever growing, ever changing,
whether you are with them or not.


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