Tuesday, December 27, 2011

goodbye twenty-eleven.

we are just shy of the new year.
a new start, a fresh start. i'm excited and nervous and wondering what it will hold. i'm ready for change, big change.
2011 was hard. my hardest year, in ever. i cried so many tears and i wanted to quit so many times. i thought it would be the death of me. but experiencing 2011 with my face in the dirt(it seemed) more times than i could stand on my feet, was worth it. it was so so worth it. i learned my fare share in 2011. i drew closer to Yahweh, through the thick and the thin. i experienced closer relationships, better relationships. i stepped out of my comfort zone more times than i can count. and it was all...epic. yes, as cliche as that word is, it's true. my 2011 was epic.

i will miss it. i really will, but i think i will embrace 2012 like no other.

so, i say..
bring it.

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