Sunday, December 25, 2011

i secretly dream of being kissed under mistletoe.

that's my instagram from earlier today.
noël introduced itself today as my little brother ran through the house screaming. i threw my hair into a bun and pulled on my black knit sweater. and forgot to eat breakfast but of course. we were off to church even before we could open gifts. pink pencil skirts and knit tights were almost the equivalent.

i have two more christmases to go to. 50 more presents to make. just kidding. bring it.

{1.there has been a lot of talk and fbook statuses about how today "didn't feel like christmas." but i say, put a pipe in it. obviously some people needed to watch elf again and shove some more cookie dough down their throat. did NOT snow. this may or may not be the culprit to the unfortunate moods people are experiencing.
3.although i am dying to kiss under mistletoe and iceskate with some good lookin boy during the holidays, i am completely satisfied with not doing either or. plus, christmas isn't about romance.}

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